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Who we are

Parlor, the Romanian demi couture label, was established in 2010 by the designer and owner Veronica Zaharia with the firm belief that sophistication, refinement and femininity are values that transcend fashion’s different iterations.
The Middle English word Parlor, describes a private room in a public building serving as a place for relaxation.  
Parlor designs are created in this key. The looks are feminine, refined and sophisticated, but yet they feel natural and easy to wear.
         “Iconic – redrawn” is what drives our quest to convey emotion into pieces that empower self expression, without being held hostage by trends, and there is no period more representative for women’s empowerment than the decade of freedom and joie de vivre – “The Roaring 20’s”.  
The minimal cuts, the indulge in life’s pleasures, the exuberance of art deco, the geometric patterns, expressing women’s new found freedom and never seen before sensuality, are integral in Parlor’s design, which turns the traits of that era in pieces that are an invitation to: intimacy and seduction, to being admired and desired.
Parlor’s design is supported by our “back to the needle” approach.
Our strong belief is that in a high fashion environment, the attention to detail and dedication to quality are the attributes of what the luxury clientele is looking for the most: the life and emotion given by the uniqueness of artisanal hand made details.

About the designer

Veronica was born and raised in a family of artists and since childhood she was guided and educated to a career in the arts.
Before establishing Parlor basis in 2010, Veronica has worked for ten years in television and entertainment industry, having contacts with Romanian showbiz personalities, stylists, fashion editors, making part of the production team of the largest television shows in Romania.
Her debut in fashion world was a natural consequence of her education and her career built up to that point.
Heaving learned how to sew and make patterns from her mother and grandfather – a famous tailor in the ‘30s in Bucharest, she has the ability of creating standout pieces for the modern women, by combining the inspiration from the classical shapes of the 20s, with perfect cuts for an effortless and flaunted appearances.

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